V + VI BiBoBdsm in Madrid and Barcelona

Hello, BiBo creatures!
we currently organize the V + VI BiBoBdsm in Madrid and Barcelona. Spend the night with us guys! (=girls, queers, trans, transvestites) in a private dungeon.
It is restricted to bio-women with les- or bi- orientation (sexually or/and in bDsM); and transgendered people (M2F, F2M -bois, transfags- or some CDressers who identify themselves as dykes). In other words, the only bdsm and women-only semi-public event taking place right now in Spain as far as we now.
This one is a BdSm play party, neither a fetish party nor an only dykes event, but specifically bdsm and meant to bring more women who currently play in private places into public, mixed (with bi-curious bdsm women) bdsm play. Mandatory dresscode. The party's motto is "Treat me like a Lady/Queen, fuck me like a slut".
The play party is also transgenerational, all ages, roles, domination styles and techniques, including kinbaku, ropes, roleplaying and sexual, edgy/extreme practices are wellcome.
If you feel like coming to play in Spain and it happens that you are a woman/queer/trans, email us > bibobdsmmadrid [at] gmail.com
We encourage you to check out our Twitter [bibobdsm] and Fetlife profiles in order to get more details...and please if you want to join and you are scheduling your trip, vote below so we can save the dates!
Madrid> we think about several days March/April
http://www.doodle.com/ehshht52nqismsvq (click The party is also in your hands)
Barcelona> May 12th or 26th
http://www.doodle.com/k3pvaxcrgyw7xmei (click The party is also in your hands)

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