English speaking guests

We expect people attending Portugal, UK, Germany and other Spanish provinces and we will be very happy to host you guys with our volunteer's team. If you like events such as Schmacht, Folsom... this is the party for you... with a Mediterranean touch!

If you plan to visit Madrid 14th February you can spend the night with us guys (girls who fuck girls, lesbians, bisexuals, transwomen, queergirls, transmen, butches, dykes, femmes, genderqueers socialized as women)

The so called Bi Bo Bdsm ((Bi=bisexual; bo=bollera-dyke)) playparty is held in a cruising, sex and bdsm bar (AttackBarMadrid) equipped with dungeon.

The only bdsm and queer women-oriented public event taking place since 2009 in Spain.

This party a BdSm play party, as well as a fetish party meant to bring more women who currently play in private places into public, mixed (with transmen) bdsm play.

There is a compulsory dresscode. The party's motto is 'A live dog is better than a dead lion' or 'bury the dead and devote oneself to life' (bollo is dyke and we do love dogs ;-)).

The play party is also transgenerational, all ages, roles, domination styles and techniques, including kinbaku and other rope techniques which are wellcome.

We adhere all things said in Schmacht, specially their Rules

We encourage you to check out our Twitter and Fetlife profiles in order to get more details (if you cannot speak Spanish still ;) we can translate it for you). The BIBOTeam can English, French, German and signs ;-)

Unfortunately the Dungeon is not accessible except the first floor, please contact us for more details.